Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Doctors and such-what

I enjoy spending time with my kids. Really. However, it puts a damper on the excitement when spending time = sitting at Urgent Care and / or the emergency room. Add to that the follow-up visits to the regular doctor. Then we ask about issues unrelated to the UC / ER visit, and we're referred to Medical Imaging. Good grief.

Short explanation: Mason was seen in Urgent Care on Friday for monocular double vision, dizziness, and brief hearing loss. We were referred to Children's Mercy ER. By (long) process of elimination, it was determined that he'd had a migraine. This means: we have to watch what he eats and drinks (and when), make sure he's getting enough sleep, etc. so we can try to determine what his triggers are. It is fun to try and get a 14-year-old to remember what he's been putting in his mouth. Yesterday's follow-up visit was not very fruitful as far as the migraine issue was concerned, but we WERE sent to have a Scoliosis series done (x-rays of his spine). Still waiting on results for that.

Do we know how to party, or what???

In other news, Drake has taken to making up his own words (i.e., such-what, which apparently is Drake-speak for "and things like that", etc). It cracks me up! He's very excited about his Arrow of Light ceremony tonight (he and his Den cohorts are receiving the highest award possible for Cub Scouts), and especially about Papa coming to watch!

Well, I guess that's about all for now. Hope I haven't bored anyone so much that they decide never to lay eyes on this blog again...

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