Thursday, February 23, 2012

Just another Thursday.

What's new? Same old, same old...
The joys of homeownership continue to abound...have recently had to replace the hot water heater, THEN the washer and the garage door isn't working properly (while my van is stuck inside, of course) and the fridge continues to leak even after we defrosted it....the fun never ends around here!

Enjoyed Winter Jam at the Sprint Center last Friday, then my cousin Adam's wedding in Omaha on Saturday. Always a joy to visit with the family! Looking forward to Drake's Blue and Gold Banquet and crossing - over ceremony for Scouts this Saturday!

And in the "random ramblings" category....WHY does this wrestler ODB keep smacking herself in the behind? Geez. I hope "Impact Wrestling" doesn't become a staple around here. If I must watch wresting, I much prefer WWE...

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